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Joep Mencke explores:

A Soulful Journey:
Potential Exclusive Music Retreat Experience

Get the Inside Scoop on a
Possible Exclusive Musical Retreat

Imagine a retreat just for 10 lucky participants, where Joep Mencke's soulful music meets the magical environment of Alma Music Temple, right in the heart of Costa Rica's stunning Chirripó mountains. We're playing with the idea of such a retreat, where you'd experience Joep's music in the most personal and profound way possible. 


We're dreaming about a transformative journey from the 4th to the 7th of August, featuring intimate musical performances, hands-on workshops, peaceful meditation sessions, a cacao ceremony with sound healing elements...

The idea is to dive deeper into your inner self and the music, going far beyond what typical concerts or festivals offer. 

If you're excited about this idea as we are and would love to be one of the select few on this journey, sign up to show
us your interest!

Keep in mind, this retreat is an idea we're excited about but hasn't been finalized. Expressing interest doesn't guarantee a spot, but it does show us you're as excited about this as we are - sign up now to
tay in the loop! ;)

Thanks for your interest, have an amazing day!

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