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Five Modules Of Study

Welcome to our 2024

 Music Immersion Course!

Choose what dates are best for you:


Are YOU READY Join us for your 'Alma Music Immersion Course' for a one-of-a-kind educational vacation, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Chirripó mountain? Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of medicine and sacred music, and embark on a transformative journey that will unlock your full creative and musical potential of our unique and transformative course.


This intensive programme offers individuals the opportunity to commit to a comprehensive 3-week study, providing an interactive daily schedule of hours of specialist musical training divided into five essential modules. 

We offer 3 tiers to choose from (Part-time study or full-time)

Module 1 - Guitar Techniques - Master the art of guitar playing by becoming fluent in open-position chords, enabling you to accompany songs with ease. Develop a range of right-hand strumming and picking techniques, solidifying your guitar skills and allowing you to command the instrument with confidence. Additionally, learn to play captivating single-note melody lines through the exploration of major and minor scales.

Module 2 - Vocal Studies and Voice Training - Led by Emel, an esteemed vocal coach from the London Community Gospel Choir, this module provides a comprehensive study of the voice. Enhance the tonal quality of your voice, expand your vocal range, and improve your breath control and vocal projection. Utilize vocal dynamics to express various emotions in your performances. By exploring different emotional contexts, students will learn to bring depth and authenticity to their singing. You will also be given a handbook with tips, tricks and in-depth practises to become the best vocalist you can be. Emel will guide you through a series of tried and tested vocal warm-ups, unlocking your full singing potential.

Module 3 - Composition & Song Writing - Discover the fundamentals of the universal language of music. This module combines theoretical understanding with practical application, delving into harmony, rhythm, melody, and intervals. Develop the ability to confidently communicate and share musical ideas, expanding your awareness of choices when writing songs and composing music. Train your ear to recognize chords, intervals, and melodies within a given key, cultivating perfect relative pitch. Allowing you to explore your emotions, tapping into stuck and resistant thoughts to allow you to open up and express from the heart!

Module 4 - Performance Practise & Repertoire - Find your own unique voice in this module dedicated to songwriting and composition. Tap into the creative process through daily musical mantras that elevate the vibrational energy field, allowing sacred songs to flow through you. Start with simple yet powerful musical statements or hooks, and learn various techniques and musical devices to develop and refine your songs.

Module 5 -  Recording, & Music Production - Develop an understanding of:

The recording process as you are guided in the production of two of your original songs

A working understanding of the functions of Logic Pro X (DAW - Digital Audio Work Station)

A variety of Microphone & recording techniques

Course Outcome

You will create a captivating performance set for your Graduation. This set will be presented to an audience who are the community members of Chirripo! At ALMA MUSIC TEMPLE.  As part of the event, you will actively design how you want it to flow, being creative and inventful, as well as promoting and bringing an audience, which we will help guide you with our socials, and Alma Music Temple group chat. Craft a setlist that showcases your unique interpretation and summary of the techniques and musical practices acquired from the five modules you have chosen within the course duration. Additionally, feature at least one original song or however if you wish to sing a composition, medicine song from our book or a meditative sound piece in your final performance is completely up to you!

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