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Things to know...


The space

Alma is located in San Gerardo de Rivas, Chirripó, Costa Rica,
n the mountains that are considered "The Crown Chakra" of the land.

in the beautiful mountains you will find our sweet, beautiful house, with the blue doors and the lavender windows. It was a local Tico space that had been renovated, and a lot of love was put into the walls.

There is the communal kitchen and living room space,
the Temple Hall for our activities, a small green yard,
and separately there is the room area, with a special work space.

Alma is 1 minute walk from the flowing river,
and 15 minutes drive from one of Costa Rica most beautiful places - Cloud Bridge. 


Our intention

We believe that everything is one.
We believe that we came to this world in order to celebrate,

feel fully, shine.

Our intention in creating Alma is to be the bridge to a new world. To be a safe space for all of us to meet ourselves truly.

To learn how to become good parents to our inner children,

how to raise our inner love and compassion, so we can live life of saftey, silence and inner peace - and share it with the world.

We believe that every trigger in the outside is a gift that reflects our inside, and our intention is to learn how to use it in order to meet ourselves, feel, heal, and grow.

Our intention is to be HOME.
And as our inner home is becoming more beautiful,
so is our community. 

Our intention is to learn new communication, 
so we can all walk together in the path of DEVOTION
and create a new world for the highest favor of all living creatures.

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Shine Your Light

Alma is a temple, and so - the people that are living here, are priests and priestesses.

We want you to SHINE YOUR LIGHT!
Alma is a place for everyone who’s ready for their next step.
To experience yourself to the fullest, while bringing everything you are to the space. We’re offering special content in our weekly schedule, in order to help you to fully change your life and bring your soul’s gifts to the world!


Plant Medicine And Presence

Growing up, we were never taught how to handle the intense feelings like pain, fear, anger, boredom... & how to stay with them and to transform it into power, pleasure and life force.

This is what Alma is all about - learning how to be good parents to ourselves, to create a beautiful home inside,
and to go deeper with self love.

We bringing new awareness about abusing plant medicines,

and bring quality of CURIOSITY about the real need inside, instead of blurring them with plant medicines,

including Tobacco, Alcohol and Marijuana. 


We are asking not to abuse any kind of plant medicine, and inviting you to avoid smoking Weed or Tobacco during your stay with us.

If you find yourself craving or having a hard time with this invitation, we encourage an open communication with yourself, with us or with one another.

These are usually GOLD moments and we can dive using them in order to get closer to ourselves, to release old patterns that doesn't serve us anymore, to remember our true value,
and to grow with our self love

The medicine you’ll receive during your stay in Alma is  POWERFUL, it’s the medicine of YOUR TRUE BEING!

We encourage you to enjoy it and learn who you truly are without outer medicines, without escaping,
just truly with YOU. 

With that being said, we do appreciate and honor the medicine of those plants, and we are aware that they support healing, and we have a lot of gratitude for that.


We have a fully equiped kitchen for you to cook your own great meals!

We are located few minutes walk from great resturants, Caffe, eco-market and supermarkets

Our relationship with food as a society is quite complex.

We use food to celebrate, but also to suppress our feelings.
We use food to share love, but also as an escape when we are feeling lonely or unloved…

Alma is a place where lots of emotions can come up,
and we encourage our community to dedicate more energy
to the inner process.

It might be a bit hard at the beginning, as we are used to run to food when hard emotions come up,
but we are here to feel and be fully who we are!



We have 9 private rooms,
2 double rooms with shower and private toilet,

and 7 more rooms with toilets and showers (with hot water) nearby.

Feel free to choose your room by references when you arrive!


The Weather

We are about 1200 meter / 4000 feet high,
next to Chirripo mountains in Costa Rica.

December - March - Dry season
During the day until about 5-6pm it’s hot and warm. great sun!
During the evening it’s getting cooler,
bring something warm to wear.
It’s not very likely to rain, but we do live in the mountains of a tropical land, so it might always get a bit raing.

April - November - Wet season
During the day until about 12-1pm it’s warm and fun, great sun!
Afternoon and evenings getting cooler to cold and it’s usually rainy  - bring warm clothes and an umbrella.
It’s still a great time to visit Alma - the wet season supports our emotional work very much.  

Any other questiones?

For information about accomendation, pricing, registration and more, please go the the Registarion page >>

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