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Transformation Through Sound

Our vision is to create a sacred space where individuals can immerse themselves in the transformative power of sacred music and devotional practices. We envision a world where people connect deeply with their spiritual essence, harness the healing potential of sound, and manifest their dreams through the universal language of music. Through our courses and community, we aim to inspire self-discovery, foster musical growth, and promote spiritual connection. We envision a conscious and connected world where individuals embody the profound wisdom of ancient traditions and utilise the power of sacred sound to cultivate inner peace, harmony, and collective well-being.


Krista, CA

“It opened my voice and I gained so much more confidence. Ive taken these new skills into my everyday life and singing circles"

Alex, CA

"I'm so greateful for the teachings, and also the self growth I have had in my expression of performing"

Selina, SW

“I'd recommend Alma Musi8c Temple, Music Immersion Course to everyone who wants to really take there music to the next level. The teachers are so nurturing, and amazing to work with. The place is so cosy, and it became my second home for a while."

Welcome to Alma Music Temple 

Music School / Performance Venue / Guest House Centre


Alma offers immersion courses from an accomplished and dedicated team of music practitioners in the promotion of transformation and self-discovery by developing musical expression, and spiritual growth as a simultaneous process. 


If you are interested in embracing the deeper meaning of life and the power of healing through sound and vibration and seek to create a more conscious and connected world, through developing as a music practitioner, then together, let us manifest our intentions through the universal language of music. 

Alma Music Temple is a conscious centre and creative share-house located in the tropical mountains of Chirripo, open to those who wish for a place to stay! We offer short or long-term stays in our charming & cosy single or double rooms and the opportunity to immerse yourself in various empowering classes, workshops and events.

Alma is not just a physical space but a community embodying sustainability, wellness, and conscious living principles. Our essence is a centre for ‘Sound Exploration’ practises. 

Do you seek to become a master of music?

Imagine yourself in a place with ever-flowing rivers just around the corner, fresh air & an abundance of nature - a place where you can breathe easily... Returning to your inner flame and centre.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in our 3 week Music Immersion Course

 of musical study in 2024?

Are you ready to develop your performance skills so that you can hold space more confidently? 

Do you seek creative guidance, personal feedback and musical mentorship?


 Do you desire to overcome creative blocks, and develop song structures, rhymes, rhythm and flow as you forge strong musical foundations that can help you expand your musical practice in reaching your full potential?


Dorms (2 per person)

11 Mil

Single room

17 mil

Double en-suite room

25 mil


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Our Students Say

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