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"A Spiritual Sanctuary for the Soul"
🌿 Every Sunday at 10am Costa Rican Time | 5pm UK Time

Unlock the Transformative Power of
Sacred Sounds & Medicine Music

Why Join Us for Soulful Sunday?

Join us for Soulful Sunday—a unique gathering that promises not just an event, but a transformative experience.

  • Event Details:
    📅 Every Sunday
    ⏰ 10am Costa Rican Time | 5pm UK Time


  • Unveil the mysteries of sacred sounds and be part of a community where each soul is a note in a grand symphony.

  • 🎵 Why Attend?

  • Experience the union of sacred sounds and teachings

  • Dive deep into meditative music and soundscapes

  • Explore ancient wisdom and practices in an interactive environment

  • This is not just another event; it's an invitation to a deeper journey within.

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